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"The good architecture" Programme"




In the first phase, the study tries to answer this, apparently, simple yet complicated question: what is a 'good architecture' considering the sociocultural context of the study

In the first phase, the study tries to answer this, apparently, simple yet complicated question: what is a 'good architecture' considering the sociocultural context of the study. Due to multi-dimensional nature of this research, it will benefit from the application of multiple tools that will help us to have optimum interactions with general public as well as architecture communities. It will enable us to collect information from a variety range of viewpoints, thoughts and opinions on the subject. - Phase one of "The good architecture programme" will be implemented both inside the country and abroad,considering the following topics: 1. Architecture and culture 2. Vernacular architecture, a constant characteristic or a strategy for modern architecture? 3. The appropriate architecture for Iran (in terms of culture, society and the environment) 4. How to adapt the vernacular architecture of Iran to the new approaches of international architecture In addition to its local activities, 'good architecture' project aims to establish an international collaborative approach with architects, universities and research centers abroad. As mentioned earlier, the institute will pursue this through a process of data collection from professionals and general public. .

Raise Awareness

To increase the importance of the subject among people

1. To Hold public events in order to give the results back to the community 2. To provide permanent access to updated news and researches on the website of Institute for strategic studies in Iranian Architecture 3. Representation in the Quarterly Journal of Iranian Architecture 4. Compilation of a book with good architecture topic 5. Designing an independent website for 'good architecture' project to provide the public with all required information alongside the institute website. In the second phase of "The good architecture programme" the institute attempt to employ all the gathered, classified statistics data during the research phase to increase the importance of the issue among general public. Therefore dozens of medium and short-term activities will be designed and performed according to the framework of the project as follows: 1. Certain urban billboards with the Good Architecture subject 2. Making short films and documentaries 3. The development of multiple projects via social networks 4. The employment of the possible potentials of related architecture-based and non-architecture-based agencies 5. The employment of information technology, for example, application design and startups of interacting with people 6. The employment of communication capacities and interaction performance in the city 7. Running interactive architecture workshops in urban public spaces 8. Setting up photograph or painting exhibitions with architectural approaches .





Promotion on the process

we will have many activities around of Good Architecture Programme for promotion of Architecture for People , and certainty it would be a startup for create a movement

we sure our programme will be the first and best social startup for have better city and houses that for ever happened by Society