About Programme

Institute for strategic studies in Iranian Architecture, as an independent research center, aiming its objectives to enhance informing people and doing researches to promote ,public knowledge and thoughts in the field of architecture, has decided to set a long-term Research-based Cultural programme, known as "The good Architecture". The institute is trying to rebuild the urban culture and create a public awareness about architecture according to 'good architecture' program within the context of Iranian national architecture through research, drawing people's attention to the subject, and the process of culturalisation.

"According to our research , this model of programme with aim to raising awareness about architecture for public society is rare in the world and occurs for the first time "

Our Way

basically our programme that named " good architecture " as research-cultural programme , trying to deal with "Context ","People", "Architecture " and relations of between them . finally we hope to provide conditions for the promotion the Architecture of iran By addressing the best characters of Iran's architecture for People who maybe doesn't know anythings about this issue. of course our focus will be on our research on the first step of this project And not exclusively of Iranian traditional Architecture . this project could have a Global Achievement about our mentioned issues , and it happened with our "global view with local perform" Through partnerships with specified platforms.On a global scale

the results of first step of Good Architecture Programme for exp : Questionnaires , Interviews and etc , will be publish on Magazines,Books, Our official Websites and media and media's of our Official collaborations.

As soon as possible , details of following projects will be visible on this website